The Dark Sister

(c) 2016 Jnaha

“Darkeesha, Darkeesha, you so ugly the boogeyman is scared of you!”

“Dark and Ugly, bring your butt over here.”

“Yo Darkie, pass me the ball.”

These were some of the kinder comments that Lovely was forced to hear at home, at school and at church. She couldn’t escape the enemies of her skin tone. Her siblings were always the meanest and cruelest with their rude remarks.

She couldn’t help it that she was so black. She couldn’t stand the fact that her 3 sisters and 2 brothers were at least five shades lighter than her. Her mama was fair skinned and her daddy, the color of blackened coffee. That’s who Lovely got her complexion from.

She loved her skin tone, though she wished those around her wouldn’t give her such a hard time about it. She had been picked on for as long as she could remember, and has grown skin as thick as steel, for the barrage of insults she faced daily. Her coping mechanism was silence. She said nothing to her attackers, not even in her own defense. She’d go quiet though her eyes couldn’t hold water. She hated them all. Wished them all a lifetime full of the same cruelty that they’d dished her.

“How come you never say nothing back to them Love.” Sister Bell was the nicest of the siblings. Only two years younger than Lovely, she saw how bad those mean words affected Lovely. But her being only 10 years of age, there was little she could do to help her big sister. She didn’t know any better, so she joined her siblings when they teased Lovely, until Bell noticed Lovely leave the room, or bow her head.

“Why YOU never say nothing?” Lovely fired back at Bell.

“Because I am just a kid. What am I supposed to say? Besides, they’re teasing you, not me.”

“Don’t make it right. You know they’re just going to keep at it if I even try to speak up against one of them. But that’s alright. I will get them all back.”

Lovely held true to that promise. When she was old enough, she moved out of her mama’s house. She was 17 ½ when she emancipated herself, moving in with her Italian boyfriend. She never introduced him to her family, and she had only met one of Tyler’s three brothers.

Two weeks into moving in with Tyler, Lovely began plotting her revenge, starting with her family.  She befriended her oldest sister’s boyfriend, TyQuan. He was the neighborhood weed man, which is how she was able to get close to him. Layelle gave her sister TyQuan’s phone number. Lovely slept with TyQuan a month later, then she sent Layelle a long and detailed letter, explaining why she did what she did. She made sure to remind Layelle of the hateful “darkie” days and the childhood bullying. She was also sure to emphasize her deep hatred and dislike for her sister.

On her other sister Lakeisha, Lovely played the darkest trick of all. When Lakeisha’s boyfriend went MIA for two days straight, she started calling around, looking for him. When she called Lovely, she was told, maybe JT had left her for the dark-skinned neighbor who she saw JT with last week. Lovely hadn’t really seen JT with the neighbor, she just wanted to play with Lakeisha’s head.

“What are you going to do about that Sis? I know you are not going to let him play you for a darkie?” Lovely instigated.

“Oh, if he wants that burnt skillet, he can have her. I bet you he won’t get no more of this!” She slammed the phone down, leaving Lovely with the dial tone.

Lakeisha left JT the second he wandered back home. She didn’t even allow him the opportunity to explain to her, how he got pulled over a few days ago, was arrested for violation of a stay away, and couldn’t get through when he tried calling her. Lovely never told Lakeisha the truth, and Lakeisha never took JT back. He eventually moved on with his life, and is now married with kids.

Lovely sabotaged both of her brothers’ relationships, with each of their girlfriends, by lying to both women, that Tay and Jay were cheating on them with the same woman. She even went so far as to secretly hook one brother up with her most sexual friend, who then slept with her other brother by a twist of uninitiated fate. To this day, her brothers have no clue that she masterminded the destruction of their partnerships/relationships.

It would be another five years, before Lovely would avenge her childhood against her high school classmates. The meanest ones still living and reachable, Lovely concocted a plot to gather them all together for a 10-year high school reunion rehearsal. When all 10 of her nemesis showed up, she locked everyone in a large room with a movie projector, playing for each of them, the evolution of their lives. Lovely was very clever in her research of finding out as many detrimental secrets as she could about each and every one of them, creating the mass video that they were forced to see.

One of the football jocks secretly cross dressed, while the librarian of the crew was secretly a very high paid escort. One classmate was a woman beater, while another was a heavy drug abuser who also happened to be the local church treasurer.

When the embarrassing video was over, Lovely unlocked the conference room, before safely escaping to her car and peeling off. All 10 of her ex classmates blew her cellphone up with hateful text messages and voicemail messages.

They’d hate her even more when they learned that she had also live streamed the entire scene, to social media. Oh, well, she’d be long gone by then. Off to the next state, to flee the wrath of her enemies.

She had yet to hear what the church had to say about the newspaper article that came out about them, siting the pastors abuse of power, as well as the written tithe requirement which had been forced upon the congregation.  There was a detailed account of the treasurers’ theft of church funds, along with pictures and text messages revealing the pastor’s affair with the deacon.

Lovely was racking up enemies like a morgue racked up dead bodies. She didn’t care though. They didn’t care that they had long ago created an enemy in Lovely, by their lack of tact and respect for her dark-skinned tone.

The wrath of a woman scorn, was the ultimate fate for Lovely’s closeted racist boyfriend Tyler. You see, Tyler only wanted to be with Lovely to fulfill his own sick and sinister fetish, of screwing a “N*gger b*tch.” Every chance he got, he’d call her the disgusting epithet, regardless of the consequences. This began about one year into their 10-year relationship. She’d broken up with him so many times, to the point that now she has her own apartment.

The last straw was a telephone conversation she’d overheard Tyler having with his father, last week. He wasn’t aware that she’d walked in.

“But Dad, that’s my “N*gger b*tch”. I know y’all hate her and that mom would love nothing more than to see her lynched from the closest tree, but she cleans well, and she’s a decent cook. She doesn’t do a bunch of talking, and laughs at all of my subliminal jokes.”

She couldn’t hear Tyler’s father’s reply, only Tyler’s response to it. “Ok. Ok. Give me two weeks and I’ll get rid of her,” shouted Tyler.

Lovely eased out of the kitchen before he could notice her. She didn’t cry, nor was she mad. By the time she arrived at her home office on the 2nd floor, she was laughing hysterically. She laughed for a good five minutes straight before she began plotting the plan.

“That Cracka will live to regret the day he chose me.”

Part ll.

“Lovely baby. You home?” Tyler hadn’t seen or spoken to his wife in seven whole days. She wasn’t responding to the many text messages he sent, and her calls were going straight to voicemail. He decided to drive over to her place to check on her, using the spare key that he knew she had hidden under the flower pot outside the back door.

Not that Tyler missed Lovely, he just needed to account for her, since her job, her coworkers, and her friends, had been calling him to learn of her whereabouts. Apparently, Lovely stopped showing up for work and stopped making contact with her friends, for about as long as she’d been MIA from him. He promised everyone that he’d look around for her, keeping them posted on any updates.

“Lovely are you here babe?” Tyler was standing in the living/dining room of Lovely’s eccentrically furnished, two-bedroom apartment home. He walked through to the kitchen, which was spotless; no dirty dishes, no food or beverages out. She was known for being tidy but she also always kept fresh fruit out on the kitchen counter top, green apples being her favorite. There were none. “Odd,” thought Tyler.

Continuing through the house to the hallway, he past the first full sized bathroom. A quick glance in, revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Landing on the 2nd floor, he noticed her office door was locked, and since he didn’t have a key to it, he moved on to her bedroom.

“Lovely. Where are you?” Tyler was starting to grow annoyed at the charade of it all. He remembered the last time he was here, and the conversation he’d had over the phone, with his father. He doubted that Lovely had overheard his conversation because when he got off the phone, he found her upstairs in her office engrossed in something. He has yet to fulfill his promise to his father, because he hadn’t heard or seen Lovely since that day. She appeared her normal self, laughing when expected, she even gave him a passionate kiss before he left her home that day. Everything was fine. Or so he thought…

Lovely was cuddled comfortably under her longtime boyfriend Andre. She’d been seeing him for the past nine years. In fact, she met Andre the very first night that her husband Tyler called her his “N*gger b*tch” to her face. That day, she swallowed her anger, and held her quick tongue. She simply remained quiet; still as a corpse when he made love to her that night; though she will always call it “making hate”, instead of love.

The moment their “hate sex” was over, she crawled out from beneath him, practically running to the shower. He noticed it, but said nothing. He knew her all too well by now. Leave her be, or be stung by the “B”. “Queen B”, she’d snap, in a quick hot second.

Lovely went to the bar that night, met Andre and began conversing. They consummated the relationships two days later, when she lied to Tyler that she had to house sit for a friend. She went to Andre’s house and screwed him for 3 hours straight. She was no “N*gger b*tch” to Andre. She was his queen, and he made sure to treat her as such, which is why she kept him around. He knew all about Tyler, but still he wanted her, and she wanted him. He’d been widowed for two years and single for the entire time, until he met Queen Lovely. She became his girlfriend, viewing Tyler only as a husband on paper. Andre knew that Lovely’s heart belonged to him. So, did her pearl.

Lovely and Tyler had stopped having intercourse almost immediately after that “N*gger b*tch” thing. He’d been practically begging her for it, ever since. Somehow, Lovely doubted that Tyler’s bigoted parents, were aware of that.

When she overheard his conversation last week, she decided enough was enough. She faked the funk, smiling like all was good to Tyler. She even gave him a little tongue kiss before he left. She knew it would be their last kiss, and his last time ever seeing her. She took one for her team.

The moment Tyler left her house though, she began packing her things. She boxed up everything she felt she couldn’t live without or leave behind. She locked up her office just in case Tyler decided to stop by to check up on her.

She left with only the clothes on her back. Over the course of her relationship with Andre, Lovely had accumulated an entire wardrobe at his house; their house actually. Her name was on the deed of the house they’d bought together, almost 5 years ago.

Lovely never needed Tyler financially, she was a natural born hustler. She always found a way to make ends meet. She did however, accept the $2,000.00 “monthly allowance” that he’d been sending her faithfully, for the past 8 years. That’s how long she’d been living apart from him, in her own apartment. He only sent the money out of guilt for the time he let the words “house N*gger” slip out of his mouth while they were hosting a group of his friends over their house for some bullshit meeting about politics. She had just walked into the living room with a pitcher of iced tea along with a tray of sandwiches, when she heard, “here’s my little house N*gger now… I mean my baby.”

He had tried to clean it up, but it was too late. Lovely heard it, his friends had heard it, and now she felt embarrassed and 100% disrespected. She dropped the pitcher of iced tea, right where she stood – tossing the sandwich tray, before sashaying her black ass out of the room. ‘House N*gger THAT’, she thought. She will always remember the look of astonishment sitting upon the faces of Tyler’s guests that day, especially when she went flying out of the house with the biggest suitcase she could find. She stuffed as many of her valuables as she could into that suitcase. Tyler couldn’t do or say a thing.

“Baby are you still asleep?” Andre wrapped his long arms around his lovely. They’d been inseparable for the past seven days, just the way he liked it.

“No babe. What’s up?”


She knew what that meant. Without further instruction, she tugged at her undies until they were off, tooting her bottom up, simultaneously. They made love and enjoyed a lazy day of movies, drinks and food.

She and Andre spent time only at the home they shared together, never at Lovely’s apartment, which was an entire state and two cities, apart from each other. Tyler suspected nothing. Soon though, if not already, Tyler was going to realize that Lovely had left him. She never spent the $2k that he sent her monthly for the past 9 years, not $1 dollar. She didn’t need any alimony, no spousal support, and being that they never had children, there would be no need for child support. All Lovely wanted was a divorce.

She wrote a long and detailed letter to her husband, breaking down her reasons for wanting out. She made sure to write all about how she felt, the first time he called her ‘N*gger b*tch”, and ‘house N*gger’. She wrote him of the fact that she’d overheard the phone conversation with his dad, saying that he’d be rid of her in two weeks. She wrote that she was making it easier for him, attaching divorce papers with her signature already filled in. All she asked was that he mail the papers off, the second he signed them.

Lovely did not however, write to Tyler that she’d sent multiple copies of this letter and signed divorce papers to multiple people and businesses, many whom had known Tyler his entire life. Some black businesses he’d worked with for decades. Should Tyler ever plot to bring harm Lovely’s way, then she’d have witnesses to his motive. By now he should’ve gotten the letter. She mailed it 3 days after she left for good.

For kicks and giggles, she nearly wiped out the one joint bank account they shared, though Tyler had several sole accounts, as did she. She left $51.50 in the account.

Her and Andre packed all of their belongings and shipped them to their 2nd home via a moving company that they both knew and trusted. Lovely had no intention of going back home, to hateville and the city of the loveless. Lovely was done with her past completely.



Oakland , United States Of America


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An identity I am now polluting with the fumes of cigarettes

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Knowledge of freedom is embedded in my subconscious

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Fear to develop my culture and identity

Fear to be rejected by the world

Fear to be different and still love myself

Yet with no identity I remain

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