In this life everything is impermanent, if you’re stuck in a “need to know mind” the door to true freedom will never be experienced because there’ll always be the thought that there’s something more to know.


Feelings are a given, they’ll always be there. To feel is human, but taking them to the next level to form concepts is when attachment arises as a belief the feeling needs to be different.


Life happens, but it’s our own mind through the thought process in place that makes it what it is. Our mind creates our entire world through the possessiveness of thought.


There are different ways to handle things as they arise in life, but the key to not being controlled by them is to understand why and who is it that's being controlled.


One can only see things as they are revealed and although it can’t be any other way, don’t kid yourself, this doesn’t mean it’s truth that’s seen, it just means it’s the way you see things.


The projection you have for something is the projection you have for yourself. Without a settled mind this will not be seen so projecting will continue to be the controlling energy in place.


There's not much life in something that's stagnant and this is what happens when one's free flowing energy is cut off by a fixed view; the fixation causes one to suffer....

Life is constant movement, it never stops. If the movement of the moment is noticed, it will allow much more understanding of one’s life than if one is blindly controlled by past habitual mind patterns.


The road that leads to a peaceful life begins and ends in your own business. You can be mindful that you’re thinking about what someone else is doing, but the only place you’ll ever be free is in your own business.


Life will always be life and it will always be as it is, but you don’t have to be stuck in a mind state where you’re not mindful of what’s actually happening.

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Latest Poem

There's a space

in my chest

where I feel

the absence of

my heart - that was torn out

by you.

The space is small

and insignificant;



like my feelings were

to you.

It wasn't always like that;

my heart.

It was big once...


and full of love

for you.

Until that day,

when I saw

the truth

behind the lies

that were a part

of you.

Now I know

I was nothing more

than a puppet

to the devil


in you.

Copyright by C. J. Spammer - 29 March 2017

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