The Conditioned Mind creates a lie that when there’s space it needs filling. The heart understands this space as emptiness and until it’s realized it doesn’t need filling, the lie will remain in place.


When one isn’t controlled by things from the outside, therein lies your peace, but there isn’t peace because life is the way that it’s wanted, there’s peace because your dynamic energy is focused on life as it is.


Not only is to err human, it’s also inevitable. It’s the clinging to our humanness that causes attaching to wanting things different which in turn causes one to cling to their own suffering…


Nothing that arises inherently has a label, that comes from how the individual perceives the arisen moment and attaches a conditioned label of this or that to what arises...

Needing to do something doesn't enhance life because the doing keeps the mind agitated. It may give the appearance of enhancement, but there's no real benefit to one's energy while trying to do.

There is never a void that isn't created so there is never a true need to rely on anything from the outside of yourself. Until this is understood, one will keep creating a void.

At the core of the Conditioned Mind is “I” and when “I” is let go of, all the tools that the Conditioned Mind uses fall away along with the substitutions of one thing for another.


The Conditioned Mind is devious and causes much suffering. The more it’s allowed to penetrate the inner psyche the more it will make you think the way you are is your fault, but “It’s not your fault”


Without awareness of the mind becoming agitated in the absence of something to do, the Conditioned Mind will create story after story just so it has something to do.


The need to search for a so called spiritual path is there because one wants to feel better and suffer less, but why there’s a search to begin with is because of the attachment to feel better.

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Mighty are dragons, flames they do breathe

Long are their talons, with teeth they do cleave

Wings like a storm, the wind they do blow

No fiercer an enemy do angels or men know

Healed in clear waters deep in the well

There Odin’s eye and golden sword fell

Greatest of Battles, with sword he doth fight

Thor without Mjolnir no longer hath flight

Deep in the dragon the flames they do seethe

Heimdall fought bravely, but no dragon is he

The eye now is blinded, strong arm is left lame

Now come the Valkyrie to mourn for the slain


Copyrght © 2017

Robert K. Wheeler

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