When the “I need more” conditioning isn’t controlling what’s let in, there’s much more peace in one’s life, but this isn’t because peace is let in, it’s because nonsense isn’t let in so that naturally allows for one to be at peace.


Seeking happiness makes it elusive so it will constantly be sought, and this is because the Self that wants happiness only knows how to seek it, it doesn’t know how to be happy.


The more one allows things to be in control, the less one truly lives. You may be alive, but until it’s seen that everything falls away, you will remain in bondage to whatever you alone give power to.


The more one’s thinking is in line with the world, the more suffering there will be. This is because the world only allows a surface perception, but beneath the surface perception is what’s truly going on.


To love is to live. Without love, there is the constant need to seek answers to questions about life, but when you love the seeking stops because the need to ask questions stops.


Attachment is a double edge sword, not only does the original attachment get you, but when you’re attached to outcomes where they’re labeled as not liked, attachment to the attachment gets you.


There’s no reason to try and get what you want unless you are unhappy with what you have. This only happens because the mind doesn’t know how to just be with what’s here right now.


Those who don’t understand their lies cannot know truth and therefore remain a slave to the lies. You needn’t have all the answers to know truth, you just need to expose your lies so you’re not enslaved by them.


When one’s unloving conditioning changes, the things being done that are unloving will also change, but this isn’t a choice to be made, it happens naturally because of what’s in place.


You can spend all your time believing and making up stories about being spiritual, but it won’t get you any closer to understanding spirituality than if you believed in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.

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Sitting in deep sorrow, never thought he’d leave.
Never heeded his warnings, didn't listen.

Stay home with me this evening, no, I needed to dance.
Didn't heed his warning, wasn’t listening.

Be with me this evening, a cozy spot I know.
Couldn’t have been a warning, why listen.

I love you he said in every way he could.
How could that be a warning, never listened.

He left for work that morning, the kiss that said goodbye
lasted longer than usual, could have listened.

Got home he was missing, belongings long gone too.
I looked back at the warnings. Should have listened.

Now sitting deep in sorrow no longer wanting to dance.
Wishing we'd shared that cozy spot wanting another chance,

To listen.

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