The mind becomes conditioned and it creates stories, these are then used to make you believe they’re needed to be at peace, but the story to be at peace is the exact reason there isn’t peace…


Oneness with others comes from a deep place of love. This isn’t something that any human activity can make happen. It’s the connection to your own heart, that’s when you connect to the hearts of others…


The Conditioned Mind will relinquish its control only if discipline is developed, and it's this discipline that allows one to be with life in the present moment instead of the past or future...

There’s so many directions you can choose from, but it’s not always known if it’s beneficial. One way to know if it’s a benefit would be if there’s harmony within even though on the outside things may not be loving.


“I” lives in the ignorance of the Conditioned Mind, but when there’s light shed on this, ignorance is no more and “I” no longer needs to defend itself because it no longer sees itself as an adversary…


The need to pull something in is developed to cope with life, this is why life is seemingly full of problems, but whatever is out there doesn’t cause the problem, it’s the pulling in itself that does.


If you seek what you think is needed to wake you from the sleep of unconsciousness, you will probably remain asleep. Your urging is from the Universe, but this will not be known if you are entangled in a self that thinks it knows what’s best.


Life occurs and the reactions to it will be determined by what mind set has been developed. A mind set of neutrality (quiet) is much more beneficial than one that’s in place to react selfishly…


Accepting everything as it is may seem unrealistic, but the alternative is to not accept it and look at things from an outside in view (reaching) and in the process cause your own suffering.


Until the veil of ignorance is removed, the Conditioned Mind will be in control. This isn’t in place as something that’s wrong, but it does block your true essence from arising and reaching your true potential…

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Latest Poem

My great grandfather was a Slave

My grandfather was a Native

My grandmother was a Bantu

My mother was a kaffir, Nigga, Negro

Names imposed by shackles

But an Afrakan I am

An identity my forefathers were deprived of


An identity I am now polluting with the fumes of cigarettes

In dope I am giving it another face

In ecstasy I am giving it a comical image

My drunken stupor gives it an unstable belonging

My borrowed accent contradicts what it represents

My imitated dress code conceals its beauty

My adopted religion undermines my intellectual prowess

My language deafens my ancestors

My values are valueless

My mind is discriminatory

It repels anything indigenous

Whilst absorbing all that is alien

None can identify with me

Even those I am emulating

Patriotism I reserve for my kind

I look down at my patriots

If I were xenophobic

I could have been my own victim

I pride myself in my slanted inferior education

An education promptly deleting my true history

Ignorance is my custom

I am dreaming dreams my forefathers cannot interpret

I am singing praise songs for my dying culture

I am branding a heritage

I cannot inherit

Knowledge of freedom is embedded in my subconscious

But suppressed by fear

Fear to develop my culture and identity

Fear to be rejected by the world

Fear to be different and still love myself

Yet with no identity I remain

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