I start this not with thought but with past gestures of intent at times of soft-hearted, fluffy, mind-blowing feelings of love in the years gone by. The ladies of my past will and may always be special to me.

Through the good and trying times over the years and passing of time the grimaces, the anguish, the hurt, the pain, the oh so sweet special touches, and deep-soul loving on a plane (shh) haha, those intertwining passionate moments in time (Wow). So much untold and unforgettable memories of history.

Come into my past world of saved real expressions of feelings to the women I loved, from my heart to theirs and even expressions maybe one or two from the other side…...
Obrero hoy, obrero es
lleva el aroma de Siderca
va ordeñando metales
en futuro para sus hijos.
Siente el deber familiar
y también de la comunidad
hoy la injusticia lo rodea
firme va alienando hierro.
Es él mi hombre, mi sol
obrero que traba mi corazón
a él van mis versos hoy
Feliz Día Metalúrgico.
¡Te amo, Miguel!
©Beatriz Valerio


Sitting in deep sorrow, never thought he’d leave.
Never heeded his warnings, didn't listen.

Stay home with me this evening, no, I needed to dance.
Didn't heed his warning, wasn’t listening.

Be with me this evening, a cozy spot I know.
Couldn’t have been a warning, why listen.

I love you he said in every way he could.
How could that be a warning, never listened.

He left for work that morning, the kiss that said goodbye
lasted longer than usual, could have listened.

Got home he was missing, belongings long gone too.
I looked back at the warnings. Should have listened.

Now sitting deep in sorrow no longer wanting to dance.
Wishing we'd shared that cozy spot wanting another chance,

To listen.


To and fro


A life of rushing to and fro,

Here and there trapped by the clock,

Working hard to get things done

Day in day out without a stop,

Get up late and you’ll miss

The bus, the train, or find you’re stuck

In a traffic jam, you cannot move,

You grit your teeth, you curse your luck,

With seconds wasted, minutes gone,

You ask yourself the reason why

It wouldn’t be better to opt right out

And just sit and watch the world go by.

From Entertaining Verse Poems        

©Blair Gowrie (Roderick Macdonald)




There's a space

in my chest

where I feel

the absence of

my heart - that was torn out

by you.

The space is small

and insignificant;



like my feelings were

to you.

It wasn't always like that;

my heart.

It was big once...


and full of love

for you.

Until that day,

when I saw

the truth

behind the lies

that were a part

of you.

Now I know

I was nothing more

than a puppet

to the devil


in you.

Copyright by C. J. Spammer - 29 March 2017


Digital Destiny

Life is a cell phone

On automatic dial

Language is the tombstone

Ideas are a smile

Social media popular

Invisible people are fraught

Become a cyber star

Society of virtual thought

My car to drive itself

I’m free to inebriate

Protection from each other

Safety’s new blind date

Medical microchip 

Embedded under my skin

Sailing inside my ship

Determining next of kin

Evolving technology

Redesigning my life

Survival is an adaptor

With my computer wife

Amazing maid and cook

She never acts with spite

Attractive shiny look

In libido’s moonlight

©lee johnson


Our Eternal Soul

Biological entity

Life force beyond the self

Boasting its own identity

Reality on the shelf

Soul of life’s meaning

Of all my other pasts

Historical collection

Ancestral wisdom recast

Surfing your timeless esprit

Am I parcel of you

Or are you parcel of me

And are we truly free? 

Shapeless plasma form

You are an energy ghost

Anguish or brainstorm

Glad you’re my current host

There is no coffin to fear

Since soul lives beyond

And travels in a sphere

Until its time to spawn

Dream of eternal appeal

Dance and laugh with death

Feeling alive and surreal

Past my final breath

©lee johnson


 College Daughter 

When you first departed

My heart was full of pride

Your talking eyes are thrilled

Happiness of a bride

Ascendancy is laughter

College jumps a stride

Time to be the rafters

And throw the past aside

Now my thoughts collide

Your image is my mind

Stretching to smile inside

Yet feelings twist behind

To welcome another phase

My gut turned upside down

Missing your spirited ways

Memories tease my frown

When I start to dine

You’re sitting across from me

Emptiness looking to find

I imagine you perfectly

So nice of you to chat

Silence to those less free

Elated we are together 

Breathing vicariously

©lee johnson 


All I ever knew is rejection in my life.

The complexion of tar imprinting a permanent scar of strife.

A Scarlett letter of a dark color, treated like a stain.

Wanting society to treat me fair, though all I get is pain.

Mama never liked me because I didn’t fit the mold.

I can’t control who I am, and I refuse to quiet my bold.

For it is the shield of armor against a world complacent in hate.

Be it home life, work life or love life – it seems to be my fate.

That no matter how hard I push myself, I hardly get too far.

When everyone around you wants to tell you who you are.

What you’ll never be – places you’ll never see. A caged bird it feels I am.

I’m simply screaming to the world, ‘just let me be! got damn!’

I’m not trying to hurt nobody, though plenty have hurt me.

When I gave my love to a phony tony, my heart was stolen – lock & key.

Showing me no mercy through the journey of his loveless game of chess.

Playing on my emotions in the guise of devotion, he showed me hate the best.

Dressed up as love in its purest and most sincere form, initially…

Eventually placidly yet drastically, I felt myself drowning in toxicity.

It took me three agonizing years before I found my exit route

Wheeling away the remainder of my feelings in an empty brouette.

In my departure, he didn’t neglect to remind me of my flaws

Too dark! Too strong! Too eccentric. For every effect, I was the cause.

Of why he wouldn’t and couldn’t, stand tall, deep in love with me.

This is the story of my life – Oh what a tragedy….

Maybe one day soon I hope, I’ll be more than just a stain

Dark and lovely forever defines me, as I long for fortune and gain! 


Nebuchadnezzar had a dream which he was unable to cipher,
A statue with a head made of fine gold, with chest and arms of silver.
Belly and thighs of bronze and legs of iron displayed,
Its feet combined of iron and clay had Nebuchadnezzar amazed.

A mighty rock smashed the statue’s feet causing it to sway
And after shattering it to bits the wind blew the bits away.
The rock covered the earth and Nebuchadnezzar awoke 
He pondered on this dream and his thoughts were provoked.

Magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers were consulted.
But all scratched their heads and Nebuchadnezzar felt insulted.
Because the meaning of this dream was beyond their imagination 
And Nebuchadnezzar felt mad and ordered their execution.

But Daniel a captive from Judah offered an explanation,
That brought Nebuchadnezzar great jubilation.
Daniel said that Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold
His kingdom was strong and he would be bold. 

But after his kingdom had reached its end.
An inferior one would rule again.
And yet another would rise after the second had fallen.
A kingdom of bronze would be the third to have risen.

Following that kingdom, there would be a fourth, strong as iron,
That kingdom would crush previous empires.
It would be divided however as clay and iron cannot mix,
But the kingdom of God would rise in its midst.

The kingdom of God will be as solid as a rock.
No one can crush it, whoever tries will be out of luck.
The dream was true and its meaning was certain.
The kingdom of God would stand forever unending” 

I am stronger than anyone’s opinion of me could ever be

I am strong because I believe in me.

I am stronger than anything that can clearly be seen

My strong is quiet. My strong lives within me

I am strong because of the obstacles that I have faced

I am stronger than I was yesterday

I have faith in my dreams, and I am strong enough to face them

I may stumble. I may fall. But always shall I persevere and attain them

Through strength, love and guidance from the Heaven above

Always, shall I always, be stronger than I was

I am strong! I am proud! And I love the skin I’m in

I speak my strength into existence, and that is where it begins.

(c) 2016 ~Jenaha~ 



when impossibilities

yield lives without reason,

God will find an


and turns clocks’ hands askew

to filter time;

doves perch precarious

on branches hung for trees;

a force steers bullets’ paths

when they strafe to spray;

death’s bones are lined

with marrow that says

life’s moments are altered

to spin history,

and find heels that

bruise so He might see;

it selects weary saints,

those who surmise

the helpless abused

martyrs He can spare;

hands drag the oceans, they

find fields where death lives;

like trains that stop

can jolt suns to rise;

in doldrums plaintive

angels fear to sing;

a whispered call

steers the albatross

to feed the dying;

it upsets man’s plan,

it brings mustard stains;

it plants the seeds in minds

and trains eyes too blind

to see pockets in the sun;

the weakest link barbs

wire that fences shake—

so meek voices matter

when grounds begin to quake

God picks randomly,

and ticks timelessly,

it weaves tapestries

from the silk caskets

worms can never find.


You’re trying your best to hide your bruises.

He slaps you around and says that you’re useless.

You’re starting to believe that maybe it’s true.

He doesn’t appreciate anything you do.


Make-up hides bruises but not the pain.

There’s little sunshine and lots of rain.

It’s like you’re on a roller coaster ride.

With Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde.


Love should never include pain.

But for you he has so much disdain.

You say it’s hard for you to get out.

Could it be yourself who you really doubt?

Being beat by him is not amusing.

He tells you he loves you but it’s you he’s confusing.

Everyone wonders why you keep on staying.

You’ll get out safely we’re hoping and praying.


He keeps getting worse and acting real strange.

When will you realize he’s not going to change?

The verbal abuse is just as bad.

It tears you down and keeps you sad.


It makes you feel like less than a lady.

And sometimes it even makes you feel crazy.

What he did to you was assault and battery.

You keep on saying, “Oh he’s just mad at me.”


You keep on believing that it’s your fault.

And you keep on taking his assault.

The police come so often your home is their substation.

You never press charges so it causes frustration.


Sad thing is he too was a victim.

But I refuse to make excuses for him.

Just take a look at your face in the mirror.

Old bruises new bruises but it never gets clearer.


Sometimes he treats you like you’re a Queen.

But what about the times he’s just plain mean?

You long for the times he treats you right.

You’re hoping and praying for another good night.


Please get out of this for heaven’s sake.

If you don’t you’re making a big mistake.

When all is said and done it’s your decision.

Getting out should be your primary mission.


You thought he was the best man in the world.

But you made a mistake so move on girl!


The Awakening

Ceremonial dress of rushing haze

bellows out its stupor into the mirror's reflection

she stood unclothed and complete

sheathed in the sleek dampness

the haziness implores an awakening

blaring at the eye's insight

thrilling, at an opening door

to see through the cleansing

scattering to catch the opening light!

the meeting of an unclothed self!

copyright, 2013

Not the fire, nor the sun, can warm this cold
As I watch the thawing snow... 
I feel your love surround me 
Like an aching, burning glow... 

What is it about you that moves me? 
What kind of magic do you weave? 
Wrapped in your soothing shadow…
My weary soul finds reprieve... 

- Copyright 2015 Eeva Lancaster 


They say she has a beautiful smile

That it’s contagious

And that it can light up a room

But they do not see

The sadness in her eyes

They do not see

The world of pain

She tries so hard to hide

Behind her sweet, smiling lips

The world where dwelt

A soul too wretched

To come out into the light

A creature so torn and damaged

No tender ministration

Could soothe or cure

Her tortured soul cries in silence

Hidden from all eyes

Behind her beautiful smile.


my journal talked to me

it took me to when
I first began to write
to where
words flow as forgotten text
once again brought forth

pages filled with memories
clips from snippets,
not published,
await me...
will I reconsider?
will revision
give these new life
in the realm of poetry?

my journal whispers to me,
"return to me anytime you need inspiration"
between my pages are verse
found within an emporium of words
scribbled in beautiful lines of poetry
transcribed between scratched out
lines, discarded, yet will be reconsidered
scattered among yet to be
rediscovered fragments of language
awaiting creative vision

as I close my journal
I know my journal will
talk to me again
it will inspire forgotten thought
to later be revised,
rejuvenated as poetry

thoughts now chosen to fill
pages of line, verse, and stanza
are created, rearranged,
and revised as my latest
poetic masterpiece

my Journal awaits 
when next 
I write my thoughts and visions
composing a digest of inspiration
to flow from its pages as

the road was full of ruts
making travel most difficult,
yet barely noticeable to the man
within the ornate carriage

he was accompanied with an entourage of;
one-hundred soldiers
equally divided front to back
giving the illusion of an official
of great importance

entwined, deep in thought,
he visualizes the calamity before him
fearful of his reception
by men tested beyond the limits of
strength any man should aspire

he begins to write,
as he does so,
he thinks, scratches through,
writes again on a single sheet of paper
when finished he rolls
and holds in his hands,
fondling as precious and priceless

his carriage stops
he wearily steps out,
surrounded by tired and
war-worn combatants
although solemn,
lift his spirits with their warm welcome

he does not shake hands;
he will not risk losing his concentration
he walks to a hastily made presenter’s stand,
unrolls his rolled up script,
in two-hundred-seventy two words
that inspire a nation to greatness
Abraham Lincoln in unwavering voice
and power beyond words
delivers the Gettysburg Address
You kill your dreams
with the dense fume
You give yourself
to the deepest oldness
You wear the hat
of the creepy sadness

You call for death
It doesn't come
Speak to life
Maybe it still has
something to say

©Kristy Rulebreaker 2016


They told us a mermaid live in Sea and Oceans....
Moon send light from far distance to earth.....
Deer live in Jungles and deserts...
Stars are away to get near.....
That’s may be true somehow
A girl of Ebony broke theory of life and death....
Turn light to dark
through glittering wide eyes
Turn dark to light through whitening teeth...
A black hair...
Cover the whole world
As darkness cover mountains
They told us
Through ancient times
Mermaid can't found
But that ebony move with calm
Like soft wind
From which side it hit
Still unknown
She is cold breeze of winter
A hot rose of all seasons
a rain drops of fall
Fall that bring roses to life
A moon of heaven when it get dark

A potential hot shark
if she is with company and mates
Black is organs....
Black is an organ....
Organs of beauty
Soft and sweetly
Tell me if I met deer
With glittering shining eyes
why I should not be happy
Ebony, deer of deer
Queen among queens
Daughter of Jungles
from south to end of beauty



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I start this not with thought but with past gestures of intent at times of soft-hearted, fluffy, mind-blowing feelings of love in the years gone by. The ladies of my past will and may always be special to me.

Through the good and trying times over the years and passing of time the grimaces, the anguish, the hurt, the pain, the oh so sweet special touches, and deep-soul loving on a plane (shh) haha, those intertwining passionate moments in time (Wow). So much untold and unforgettable memories of history.

Come into my past world of saved real expressions of feelings to the women I loved, from my heart to theirs and even expressions maybe one or two from the other side…
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