LIMIT 55: Confessions of a Killer


This is a story of a Marine Corps hero gone wrong after being booted from the Marine Corps after using illicit drugs to soothe his PTSD mental stress issues. The ex-Marine Corps hero, Jay Guest, ends up with a Bad Conduct Discharge and everyone who once held him in high regard turn their backs on him. He turns to the only refuge possible, his father, who has Dementia and lives in "The Community" which is an Over 55 Plus community in Central Florida primarily of elderly like his father. After many attempts to try and turn his life around with gainful employment he instead turns to KILLING as his new hobby and a way to relieve stress and in turn help out "The Community" that contains so many elderly with Dementia. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), FBI and local authorities are besides themselves in trying to figure out exactly who is doing all the killings. As an ex-Marine sniper, Jay proves very hard to catch. He lays his heart and emotions open when famous interviewer of serial killers, Bob Jones, comes to interview him in the Federal Correctional Custody unit at Coleman Federal Prison. Learn what can happen to YOU by living on a golf course.

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About the Author


     Robert Knauer is a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps officer, a senior federal contracting officer and retired CEO of the Acquisition Institute. Born in Orlando, Florida and now retired to Vero Beach, Robert traveled the world with the U.S. Navy, federal government and as a business consultant and CEO. He has seen the best and absolute worst mankind has to offer including death and corruption. Some of those situations are reflected in his first novel "Murder on Steel Beach: A Navy Story (chaos on a cargo ship)" which is a modern day takeoff on "The Caine Mutiny" by Herman Wouk. He likes to write about murder and chaos because that is the world we live in. Recently he finished a new murder novel which was about a serial killer in a place called "The Community" in Florida very similar in nature to "The Villages" where the author lived for ten years. His newest novel is called "LIMIT 55: Confessions of a Killer" where a serial killer goes on a rampage killing elderly living on golf course lots. Some of his other books include: "Life with Mister Wiggles", "Guidebook for Contracting Officer Representatives and Contractor Employees", Guidebook for Writing a Good PNM", "Negotiation Training Guidebook: For Employees in Contracting" and the "Negotiation Training Guidebook: Slide Presentation." Currently the author has a third murder mystery in the works about the death of the wife of a successful government contractor who's wife is cheating on him, steals his firm out from under him, and then ends up dead. It is another great book in his LIMIT 55 series to be released in 2019.


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My great grandfather was a Slave

My grandfather was a Native

My grandmother was a Bantu

My mother was a kaffir, Nigga, Negro

Names imposed by shackles

But an Afrakan I am

An identity my forefathers were deprived of


An identity I am now polluting with the fumes of cigarettes

In dope I am giving it another face

In ecstasy I am giving it a comical image

My drunken stupor gives it an unstable belonging

My borrowed accent contradicts what it represents

My imitated dress code conceals its beauty

My adopted religion undermines my intellectual prowess

My language deafens my ancestors

My values are valueless

My mind is discriminatory

It repels anything indigenous

Whilst absorbing all that is alien

None can identify with me

Even those I am emulating

Patriotism I reserve for my kind

I look down at my patriots

If I were xenophobic

I could have been my own victim

I pride myself in my slanted inferior education

An education promptly deleting my true history

Ignorance is my custom

I am dreaming dreams my forefathers cannot interpret

I am singing praise songs for my dying culture

I am branding a heritage

I cannot inherit

Knowledge of freedom is embedded in my subconscious

But suppressed by fear

Fear to develop my culture and identity

Fear to be rejected by the world

Fear to be different and still love myself

Yet with no identity I remain

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