Dementia and Depression: A Daughter's Perspective


You are not alone. Dementia, in some form, is affecting millions and millions of people directly as well as indirectly all over the world.

This is an honest, raw, and poignant sharing of one daughter's experience with losing her father to dementia; specifically Lewy body Dementia. During the same time, her mother falls into clinical depression and takes a separate journey down a difficult path as well.

Find many resources to help guide you through your own trial by fire.

Proceeds from the book are given to the Lewy Body Dementia Association for continued research.

About the Author

Author Name : Jean M. Judd

     Jean M. Judd was born in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) and has lived since 1991 in rural Wisconsin. She is an award-winning textile artist creating one-of-a-kind textile artworks for private art collectors and fine art exhibitions using commercial and hand dyed textiles. She uses rust pigmentation and intricate hand stitching to add visual and physical texture to all of her artworks. She exhibits in fine art exhibitions across the United States and has artwork in private collections in the USA, Canada, South America, and Europe. She also is an author of books about her creative process and experiences in Europe, Quetico Provincial Park in Canada and other locations. Personal projects include sharing her life personal life experiences.


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No fiercer an enemy do angels or men know

Healed in clear waters deep in the well

There Odin’s eye and golden sword fell

Greatest of Battles, with sword he doth fight

Thor without Mjolnir no longer hath flight

Deep in the dragon the flames they do seethe

Heimdall fought bravely, but no dragon is he

The eye now is blinded, strong arm is left lame

Now come the Valkyrie to mourn for the slain


Copyrght © 2017

Robert K. Wheeler

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