FROM DATE TO RELATIONSHIP: The Most Important Secrets in Relationships


Use this powerful content to understand the reasons of your previous failures and learn how to not repeat them again!

For many of us, finding our soul mate, perfect forever partner or “The One,” is high on our wish list. So why is it, for some people, this happens very easily, while for others, it seems as if that perfect relationship will never happen? Rather than finding “The One,” they just end up having a string of unhappy relationships. Or no relationships at all.

In this guide, we will look at how to find potential partners. Recognize the flags, which tell you if a relationship is worth pursuing, what you should look for in a perfect partner and what you should avoid at all costs! 

It's wrong to believe that there's only one perfect partner out there for you. All relationships are different and have their own merits, strengths and weaknesses. Some relationships are doomed right from the start, and we will look at how to weed these out, so you can move on quickly and painlessly. Others start off looking promising, only to end in heartache, because you don't feel the same way about each other, or you have different ideals and life expectations. 

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Mighty are dragons, flames they do breathe

Long are their talons, with teeth they do cleave

Wings like a storm, the wind they do blow

No fiercer an enemy do angels or men know

Healed in clear waters deep in the well

There Odin’s eye and golden sword fell

Greatest of Battles, with sword he doth fight

Thor without Mjolnir no longer hath flight

Deep in the dragon the flames they do seethe

Heimdall fought bravely, but no dragon is he

The eye now is blinded, strong arm is left lame

Now come the Valkyrie to mourn for the slain


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Robert K. Wheeler

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