There Are No Alligators In Heaven


This story is about our daughter, Jennifer, who was an amazing example of how to live fully in spite of the unrelenting savagery of Cystic Fibrosis which eventually claimed her life in December 2015 at the age of 43 one month before her 44th birthday.  

This is our way of telling Jennifer's story of positive thinking, physical resilience, and inner strength.  Hopefully her life's course will inspire others who are dealing with their own challenges and to never give up the fight!

About the Author

Author Name : Donna Codell

     Donna - A wellness educator helping others with good nutritional choices to live a healthier life. I am an avid tennis player. I have always been involved in sports and I exercise 3 to 4 times a week. I love card games (bridge) and enjoy the good things in life. I have been involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for over 40 years.


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Mighty are dragons, flames they do breathe

Long are their talons, with teeth they do cleave

Wings like a storm, the wind they do blow

No fiercer an enemy do angels or men know

Healed in clear waters deep in the well

There Odin’s eye and golden sword fell

Greatest of Battles, with sword he doth fight

Thor without Mjolnir no longer hath flight

Deep in the dragon the flames they do seethe

Heimdall fought bravely, but no dragon is he

The eye now is blinded, strong arm is left lame

Now come the Valkyrie to mourn for the slain


Copyrght © 2017

Robert K. Wheeler

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