The Mystery of Yamashita's Map


'The Mystery of Yamashita's Map' fuses fact with fiction to embroil readers in an adventure that has landed the author on an upcoming episode of the smash-hit ‘Myth Hunters' series.

"I downloaded the revised edition on kindle and WOW What starts off as your everyday treasure-hunt novel rapidly turns into a sensational sci-fi adventure that will keep you gripped until the very last pulsating page. This well written, well-paced story uncovers alleged conspiracies that will astound you. I feel I want to read it again as I have been left gasping by the sheer amount of information dished out by the author. The story is loosely based on the fabled Yamashita treasure hidden by Japanese troops in the Philippines at the end of WW11.
Categorized as sci-fi, but by the time I had finished, I thought I had just read a factual novel and I believed every word. Treasure hunters going after the fabled Yamashita's gold unwittingly uncover one of Hitler's secret time travel experiments. This leads them to follow the gold to an underground base in New Mexico where they are witness to horrific experiments. All of the sci-fi elements in the story are actually based on recorded alleged incidents that left me with something to think about."

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About the Author

Author Name : James McKenzie

     James McKenzie from Altens in Aberdeen is the author of The Mystery of Yamashita's Map which he originally wrote as a screen play. Several years later he rewrote the story as a novel. This was published in hardcover by Book Guild Ltd in April 2007 and was a hot seller at the London Book Fair. It was commonly nicknamed the Indiana Jones in Print. Such was the popularity of the book that the publisher re-printed it again in 2009 as a paperback. At one time it was No.1 in Amazons new release ranking, and enjoyed immense success in Japan. In 2014 James was invited to participate in the History Channel's new 'Myth Hunters' series to discuss elements from his book regarding the Yamashita gold which is due to be aired during 2015. He appears in this episode as a contributor. James revised the book and published an electronic version to tie-in with the upcoming program.


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