It's Not as Bad as it Sounds (my life with MS & Fibro)


Yvonne Decelis goes over what life has been like with a focus on living with Multiple Sclerosis & Fibromyalgia. She does this by going over her upbringing and life prior to, during and after diagnosis. She also covers things like medications, “healthful living”,  and how she lives day-to-day covering items pertaining to work, SSDI, friendships and relationships, etc.

Mrs. Decelis also wrote It's Not as Bad as it Sounds for people seeking information on how to interact with others who have "invisible illnesses" like MS, Fibro, Epilepsy, Chronic Fatigue and other "invisible conditions".

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About the Author

Author Name : Yvonne Decelis

     Mrs. Decelis graduated and received a BA in Gerontology at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Boston in December of 2012. While attending UMass Yvonne wrote a collection of essays in the hopes of helping others with disabilities similar to hers. Yvonne is currently the daily news editor for Her “ultimate goal” is to be a Gerontologist who is directly involved in the management of programs that address Nutrition and/or Exercise for the elderly (and the disabled) population in an effort to teach them how to improve their quality of life with non-medicalized techniques whenever possible. From Yvonne: My interest in the field of aging and disability is almost lifelong. I have always felt that we do not always treat older adults and/or members of the “disabled community” with the respect and kindness they deserve. I felt this way before being diagnosed with any serious health problems. Finding out I had medical conditions intensified this feeling and strengthened my hopes to change things.


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