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Hi, my name is Steve Criado and I am a designer and artist living in Youngstown, Ohio.  To put it simply,  I love to create things. I can lose myself in a design or sketch for hours and hours. Along with my wife and children it’s one of the happiest things in my life.


The excitement of taking a thought or idea and making it into a visual that makes other people think blows my mind every time! The joy of surpassing expectations from the people you do the work for. It’s there when I am in a drawing for a few hours and my knee starts to bounce, thats when I know I hit the drawing stride.


I have been working in illustration, print design, brand marketing, web design professionally since 2002. Over those years I have literally worked everyday on some type of design related project.  After work I balance being a husband/dad and night time illustrator. Some of my best work comes on a work night around 12:45 – knowing the alarm is set for 6:15.


The site is designed as an ongoing collection of what I am creating from daily work projects to the late night sessions. I hope you find as much joy in them as I had doing them. Thank you for visiting.


Cover Design, Illustration and graphic design. Digital and print marketing collateral, web design, email design, web banner advertisements. I have been illustrating professionally for more than 15 years and welcome any job big or small. You will not be disappointed I love what I do and it will show.

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Latest Poem

My great grandfather was a Slave

My grandfather was a Native

My grandmother was a Bantu

My mother was a kaffir, Nigga, Negro

Names imposed by shackles

But an Afrakan I am

An identity my forefathers were deprived of


An identity I am now polluting with the fumes of cigarettes

In dope I am giving it another face

In ecstasy I am giving it a comical image

My drunken stupor gives it an unstable belonging

My borrowed accent contradicts what it represents

My imitated dress code conceals its beauty

My adopted religion undermines my intellectual prowess

My language deafens my ancestors

My values are valueless

My mind is discriminatory

It repels anything indigenous

Whilst absorbing all that is alien

None can identify with me

Even those I am emulating

Patriotism I reserve for my kind

I look down at my patriots

If I were xenophobic

I could have been my own victim

I pride myself in my slanted inferior education

An education promptly deleting my true history

Ignorance is my custom

I am dreaming dreams my forefathers cannot interpret

I am singing praise songs for my dying culture

I am branding a heritage

I cannot inherit

Knowledge of freedom is embedded in my subconscious

But suppressed by fear

Fear to develop my culture and identity

Fear to be rejected by the world

Fear to be different and still love myself

Yet with no identity I remain

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