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The Right To The Truth


For families and friends of patients with cancer

By: I.C. Papachristos, MD

Foreword by Prof. Peter Goldstraw, past President, IASLC.

Paperback (5½ × 8½ ", 288 pages, ISBN 978-1977834744)
—ebook (Amazon / kindle edition, ISBN 978-618-83380-0-5)

Book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients' rights


Should all patients be informed when they've been diagnosed with cancer? If the answer is “yes,” Who should break the bad news to them? And How is such news best delivered? How much of the truth can a patient handle? 

Patients' inalienable right to know the truth about their condition ought to be guaranteed the world over. Yet this right is routinely violated. In Greece, for example, cancer patients are frequently kept in the dark about their diagnosis. In fact, this right is routinely disregarded all over the globe with appalling consequences. 

In “The Right To The Truth,” the author—a thoracic surgeon—presents Counterexamples inspired by events observed during 33 years of clinical experience, and he addresses each with well-crafted Arguments in favor of the patients' Right to know : 

► for Trust
► for Protection from predators who would exploit vulnerable patients
► for understanding that Sacrifices are sometimes required to achieve cure
► for acquiring well-founded Hope 
► for Overcoming fear of the unknown

Dr. Maker's book is designed to empower breast cancer patients to go beyond the current one-size-fits-all "standard of care" and make the decisions that are best suited for themselves and their loved ones. Because of her research background, Dr. Maker was able to uncover a great deal of information that is not commonly known to patients. This information helped her tremendously through her bout with breast cancer and remission, and it can help you. This is the story of Dr. Maker's journey and the book she wished she had when she needed it.

            Current treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy are not always successful: 40,000 women die every year in the United States after undergoing treatment, and many more are harmed by serious side effects. In order to make informed decisions, patients need to understand all the treatment options and survival rates, and all the side effects. Readers may not make the same choices as Dr. Maker did, but the information she lays out will enable them to make choices that are best for themselves.





 What really happens when we die?

It's a question most of us ask at some point in our life. Los Angeles resident and author Claire Candy Hough knows the answer and you can find out in her new book for children, Angels of Faith.

Drawing from her two near-death experiences as a child, Claire Candy recounts those images and memories and brings to life the wonderful journey we all get to take.

Many of us have a sense of there being ‘more' to life than just this life we know, that there is something else ‘out there', whether in this dimension or not, this point in time or space. Many find comfort in believing a greater being is at work, though some may refer to this being with a different name. However, that ‘knowing' – that greater forces are at work – can give us hope. And with hope, everything is possible.

And so begins the story of a little girl named Faith, whose relationship with angels and an elderly friend, lifts her up to inspire others to ‘…not be so afraid of the dark.' She helps to instill comfort, peace, and joy in others and, today, with people of all ages and walks of life facing varying degrees of uncertainty, it can be comforting and reassuring to know that there is a greater story to be told.

While Claire Candy has chosen to deliver this message within the framework of a children's book, Angels of Faith addresses a question asked by all ages and pulls back the veil on our true, divine and limitless natures. It is also a wonderful healing tool for those who have lost a loved one, to help them remember the often-forgotten knowledge that we are eternal.

                 Angels of Faith is a timeless classic and can be purchased on www.amazon.com or on Claire Candy Hough's business, Angel Healing House's website www.angelhealinghouse.com



There is no age for this book! If you have ever been bullied or have watched it happen to one whom you love, you "get it!" AnnaPolis Summers touches the heart of everyone, as it transports us back to the glory and pain of middle school!

The story is told with love through sailing. If you are a sailor, you will love the humor and wit about this beloved sport and hobby. Maybe you have dreamed of "sailing away" on a beautiful yacht? Come sail away with the Polis family to the Chesapeake area!

Bullying is wrong and must be stopped. Schools are not always aware of the abuse leveled against innocents. Students hesitate to talk about their problem. They may feel embarrassed. If only they could understand the problem is not theirs; it is the rude person who needs to feel superior. Talking about the situation can provide answers and support. Students should be aware that this problem exists for many. They can rise above it. One way is to band together with a small group. It can be harder to abuse a group than an individual.

No one has the right to make another person's life unhappy. Many victims of bullying never recover from the darkness and pain.

This tale is of Anna Polis, a wealthy girl who enjoys sailing on the family's yacht, Honey, each summer to Annapolis. The message is that all types are abused and must face the meanness of others. Anna is able, with the help of classmates, to weather the attacks. She even fulfills earlier dreams of greatness in her school.

It is the next bully who almost destroys the young woman as she studies at Duke University. This foe is determined to end her life and all that she loves. Anna has a force on her side that even the vilest opponent can't conquer. Again, the young woman gains the love she almost lost.

DON'T LET THEM WIN! You are better.

Relax, understand that you are not alone, as you sail aboard the beautiful Honey to Annapolis with Anna Polis and her family.


Charlie Simpson had it all. A partner who loved him, a best friend for life and a high-flying job at the family firm in the City of London. When he arrives home to find his partner and best friend have run off to start a new life together, Charlie's world collapses in on itself. Now he's out to kill them both. So powerful is the murderous energy raging in his soul, it awakens Nye, a twelfth-century Scottish ghost. With Nye standing over him, Charlie embarks on a voyage into homicidal madness from which there may be no escape. Can he really be the stone cold killer he wants to be?



Young girl's panties started to go missing; sexual assaults began to occur, and then female bodies were found! Soon this quiet town of Tweed, Ontario, was in panic. What's even more shocking was when an upstanding resident stood accused of the assaults. This was not just any man, but a pillar of the community; a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for dignitaries such as the Queen of England, Prince Philip, the Governor General and Prime Minister of Canada.

This is the story of serial killer Russell Williams, the elite pilot of Canada's Air Force One, and the innocent victims he murdered. Unlike other serial killers, Williams seemed very unaffected about his crimes and leading two different lives.

Alan R. Warren describes the secret life including the abductions, rape and murders that were unleashed on an unsuspecting community. Included are letters written to the victims by Williams and descriptions of the assaults and rapes as seen on videos and photos taken by Williams during the attacks....


Can I Get A Witness!
She's very independent but totally dependent on you, says anything without thinking of how her words affect you. She's stubborn, insulting, controlling, spiteful, cantankerous, and stressful. She is your aging mother and you are her adult daughter. 

The mother daughter relationship is one of the strongest bonds between two people, is often very complicated and few women discuss problems because they feel they are being disrespectul, ungrateful, etc. 

This book sheds light, offers assistance, and solutions to having more pleasant and loving relationships between adult daughters and their aging mothers.  

Its All About Effective Communication



At the mercy of her employer's roving hands, Prudence applies to become a mail-order bride. Desperately hoping her new husband will be kind—though a woman in her position can't be choosy.

Austin needs a wife now, or he'll lose his inherited stud farm. A mail-order bride service can surely fulfill his simple request for the ideal wife—undemanding and childless. End of list.

When Prudence arrives, she's carrying the one piece of excess baggage he doesn't want. And he must decide if it's a welcome addition…or a deal breaker.



A vacation is a tremendous ordeal for Emma, who doesn't like to venture outside her comfort zone. It is no comfort to her that the backdrop of that vacation is the glorious Italian city of Naples and the breath-taking Amalfi coastline. 
Emma is particular about hygiene, nutrition and the safeguarding of her personal space. In fact, unlike Jay, her husband, Emma is not too crazy about people in general. 
Jay is Emma's greatest admirer. He is an incorrigible optimist, as well as an ardent world traveler. For the most, Jay is naively blind to the depths of Emma's quirkiness and eccentricities. However, even he is beginning to understand that the never-ending obstacles that she constantly sets up for herself are getting increasingly out of control....


Mystery, Mayhem, Madness..
Margaritas & Mexico

One Man's Epic Journey across two Continents and four Countries with 50 years of Adventure. But,1986 changed everything forever. "It's all good until it turns bad." One event devastated the lives of 19 Students, 3 Chaperones and 1 Bus Driver. Was it the Tequila???

Thinking about sending your "Kids" to Paradise Unsupervised? THINK AGAIN!!!


I boarded the bus having a bit of difficulty due to the metal support brace that I had fixed to my right knee. I looked at my "amigos," a word we had learned on this trip to Mexico, we each used it loosely - each person, place or thing that we encountered was our Amigo.

"Sorry for being the last person."

It was 8:12 a.m., we were supposed to be gone and on the asphalt broken highway back to life as we knew it no later than 8:00 a.m. There was a silence of which I have never heard before nor have ever heard since. I trapped a bee with my thumb that had been swarming around my beer either attracted to the fruit inside my bottle or the rotten salsa that was smeared on the outside.

"Still nothing from Tina?" The words came slurred from my dry swollen, partly scabbed lips, which had enjoyed too much sun and salty margaritas.

My question was answered by the anguished looks of my fellow spring breakers. Tina had not surfaced. The last time any of us, including her two roommates had seen her was 36 hours earlier.

This is "My Bad Tequila."

This spring getaway was supposed to be a fun experience and a pleasant memory. It ended up being more than a memory; it was an unpleasant walk through life....


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Through the good and trying times over the years and passing of time the grimaces, the anguish, the hurt, the pain, the oh so sweet special touches, and deep-soul loving on a plane (shh) haha, those intertwining passionate moments in time (Wow). So much untold and unforgettable memories of history.

Come into my past world of saved real expressions of feelings to the women I loved, from my heart to theirs and even expressions maybe one or two from the other side…
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