Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Action Thriller. Homeless disappearing, who would even notice? Unless your identity was mistaken. Hidden family secrets and a deranged scientist obsessed with ghastly and inhuman experiments, who thought Area 51 is the only secret that existed. From Russia to New York into Nevada, a world-wide cover-up. Fantasy thriller that blends mystery, suspense and horror, unwrapping that surprise gift readers crave!...


Marsha L Ceniceros

***HOT NEW SHIFTER ROMANCE - Warning Contains Some Adult Content****

Burying my parents was the hardest thing I had to do… or so I thought. Then I met Jensen and the unexplainable happened. Every time he gets near me, my body feels like it might burst into flames. Falling in love wasn’t in my plans... but neither was turning into a wolf or falling in love with one. 

I wish the family secret could've stayed buried. But when an old enemy threatens to destroy everything – I'll have to come to terms with who I am and save the one person I can't live without - Jensen. 




LC Taylor

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A must read “Voices Over Troubled Water” by Joe Rosato is both tragic and enlightening; this work depicts stories and memories of the authors past. These stories include abandonment during childhood, fears while growing up and the emotional experiences of war. View my video-



Joe Rosato

If you’re looking for rhyming poems that entertain without being banal, without being coarse, without being commonplace, without being trivial, and without being unoriginal, then this is the book for you. The topics  are varied, the tone sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, sometimes reflective, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes descriptive, and sometimes romantic.   



Blair Gowrie

The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave

"1st Place" ─  2017 Texas Association of Authors Award ─ Fiction, Inspirational
"Best Book" ─ 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award ─ Fiction, Inspirational
"The Winner" ─ 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards ─ Fiction, Religion
"Award Winner" ─ 2016 London Book Festival ─ Fiction, Spiritual / Religious
"Award Winner" ─ 2016 Great Midwest Book Festival ─ Fiction, Spiritual
"Readers' Favorite" 2016 Award ─ 5 Stars

She knows what they are thinking and feeling. She sees colors and images in people's hearts. She talks to an angel. She's Kate, a precocious 6-year old. Her parents wonder if she is delusional. Can she survive the earthly dangers of her uncanny abilities?

It's her naiveté of the intuitive signs that augur trouble. When she doesn't heed an inner warning, her world spins into a dangerous spiral that spells hazard for her and those she loves. Her antics land her cherished uncle in the hospital. His life hangs in the balance. 

Just when she believes things couldn't get worse, her life cascades down a doubly treacherous path. She is forced to spend extended time with her teenage cousin, Marilla Marzy, and the girl's sinister father Vaynem Moxsin. 

This captivating novel explores issues relevant to many of today s societal woes: prejudice, abuse, eating disorders, and limiting belief systems. It delves into the mysteries of death and of angels, plus intuition, finding God in all, and true love. Full of spirit, this poignant story brims with inspiration, daring, and hope


Stephen Maysonave

Is your company in need of fresh and new innovative ways to attract business? Are you in need of a fresh, creative mind to help change the pace?

I have just what you need.

  • I am creative.
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With a winning spirit like me on your team, everything has the highest potential of going just right, from day one. 

If I haven't sold you yet, then I'm positive that I've at least piqued your curiosity. All I'm asking is that you allow your curiosity to show up and show out in interest with an extended opportunity.  

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of the monotony of your everyday business routine and feel that your business could use a "pick me up" to drive the rise in sales, then I am your Lady.

  • I advertise
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Give me an opportunity to show you what I can do for you!

Contact Info:   ~ I AM Jnaha ~       **




 'Tell the truth and shame the devil', shouts society. While in reality, what the world really mean is, 'what goes on in this house, stays in this house!'

Startling truths are exposed in this book full of secrets. Truths so life altering, they disturb everything you think you know and understand about human nature.

As Pandora's box unravels the hidden truths, leaky faucets and skeletons of an Oakland, Ca bred family; society is launched into a revolutionary view of the ever-evolving mind of a peculiar prodigy. 

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Unorthodox, out of the box, odd ball

A likely outcast turned household name

No one knew her, no one cared

Never fitting into the illusion of the “Norm”

She stood out. She stands out.

Weird is the name of her anonymous fame..




Christine Bailey, a wealthy and privileged young woman falls for the charming Awesome Petté who is not what he appears to be. An Amazon Five Star Read. Coming soon in paperback.


Vivienne Diane Neal

The Premade Ebook covers are created using images from websites that have a license for commercial and private use.  All covers are my unique design, but I can't guarantee that another cover artist hasn't used some images in their creation also.  All images are smaller versions and are copyrighted by Digimark. Each image has a title to reference when contacting me.  Once covers are SOLD, that exact cover won't be sold again.

Variety of genres available and are new covers are added periodically so check back. Payment by Paypal or Payza available.  After payment is received I will send the original image to your email address provided at time payment is made. 



J.E. Grace

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Latest Poem

Obrero hoy, obrero es
lleva el aroma de Siderca
va ordeñando metales
en futuro para sus hijos.
Siente el deber familiar
y también de la comunidad
hoy la injusticia lo rodea
firme va alienando hierro.
Es él mi hombre, mi sol
obrero que traba mi corazón
a él van mis versos hoy
Feliz Día Metalúrgico.
¡Te amo, Miguel!
©Beatriz Valerio

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