Christine Bailey, a wealthy and privileged young woman falls for the charming Awesome Petté who is not what he appears to be. An Amazon Five Star Read. Coming soon in paperback.


Vivienne Diane Neal

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How can one man misuse Science for Revenge?
Zeeka Chronicles is a spine -chilling series about betrayal, kidnapping, revenge, secrets, lies, murder, and evil.  
To what end is Zeeka willing to go to unleash terror on the small exotic island of Gosh? 
Will he and his zombies escape the law? 
Is he angry because his former lover jilted him? 
Or is it because his child was born deformed and his wife died in childbirth? 
Why did this vengeful man kidnap the son of his former lover? 
One man knows his secrets.
Can he stop him before more blood is shed and save the islanders? 
Find out the answers to these provocative questions. 
Get the book.
 "Zeeka Chronicles" is a highly compelling mixture of sci-fi, supernatural, and dystopian genres, which make it an even more interesting read. [ Amazon Customer]"



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Jolene Griffith

Book Of The Day

Latest Poem

All I ever knew is rejection in my life.

The complexion of tar imprinting a permanent scar of strife.

A Scarlett letter of a dark color, treated like a stain.

Wanting society to treat me fair, though all I get is pain.

Mama never liked me because I didn’t fit the mold.

I can’t control who I am, and I refuse to quiet my bold.

For it is the shield of armor against a world complacent in hate.

Be it home life, work life or love life – it seems to be my fate.

That no matter how hard I push myself, I hardly get too far.

When everyone around you wants to tell you who you are.

What you’ll never be – places you’ll never see. A caged bird it feels I am.

I’m simply screaming to the world, ‘just let me be! got damn!’

I’m not trying to hurt nobody, though plenty have hurt me.

When I gave my love to a phony tony, my heart was stolen – lock & key.

Showing me no mercy through the journey of his loveless game of chess.

Playing on my emotions in the guise of devotion, he showed me hate the best.

Dressed up as love in its purest and most sincere form, initially…

Eventually placidly yet drastically, I felt myself drowning in toxicity.

It took me three agonizing years before I found my exit route

Wheeling away the remainder of my feelings in an empty brouette.

In my departure, he didn’t neglect to remind me of my flaws

Too dark! Too strong! Too eccentric. For every effect, I was the cause.

Of why he wouldn’t and couldn’t, stand tall, deep in love with me.

This is the story of my life – Oh what a tragedy….

Maybe one day soon I hope, I’ll be more than just a stain

Dark and lovely forever defines me, as I long for fortune and gain! 

View More Poems Read More
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