Lola Marsh is the daughter of a crime boss, and has been longing to join the firm. Her dad Kieran dismisses the possibility and tells her to concentrate on marriage and children instead. She feels belittled and is determined not to give up on her dream. When circumstances change and Kieran is absent, Lola grabs the opportunity to get what she's always wanted and more. When she announces that she is taking control of the firm, she is met with derision. It is clear that she has a long way to go before she can prove herself, and she is not a patient young woman. It's going to take something shocking to make them sit up and take notice, and she is more than ready to give them a wake up call. Whatever she does has to show that she is even more remorseless than her dad, so with this in mind she commits an atrocious act that has the men on the firm running scared, but when she betrays her own family she knows she has gone too far. With nobody to turn to she wonders whether it has all been worth it. With other crime bosses lining her up in their sights, she has to decide whether to disappear in order to stay alive, or to run from the life threatening situation that she has found herself in, or to stay and fight a battle that she feels she has already lost....


Loulou Emm

Phillip is aware that his in laws tread a thin line with their illegal activities, but he doesn't realise the full extent until he steps out of line with his wife Issie. Overnight he finds himself forced to join their gangland firm. He intends to gather as much information about them as he can and take it to the police, but the London family are already one step ahead of him. They make sure that his first job is at the top end of the law breaking scale. If he reports them, he too will be facing a very long sentence. Surprisingly Phillip adjusts fairly quickly, and is soon immersed in a life of torture, murder, and loss. He is happy to be included in such a close knit family, but when his brother in law Jack meets a new woman she causes a divide between Jack and the rest of the family. They simply don't trust her, but without a solid reason for their concerns; he feels they are being unjust. Despite being warned to keep her in ignorance of their activities, he reveals more than he should. It is something that he will live to regret as the truth begins to come out....


Loulou Emm

Marie Matthews was strong willed and used to getting her own way. Tel Barker was a hardened crime boss who believed that women should know their place. They were a very unlikely match, but what bound them together was their hunger for power, and their willingness to commit barbaric acts in order to reach their goal. Their marriage brought about many unwelcome changes in the London underworld. Rival gangland boss Pete Farrow was stunned to hear that Marie was intent on becoming an active member of the Barker firm. He used intimidation tactics to show her that she didn't belong in the lifestyle, and only realised that he had underestimated her when she retaliated by carrying out a number of astonishingly brutal attacks on his men. Her rise to prominence was swift, and together with her husband she swept through South East London, destroying anybody who got in their way . It was suddenly becoming very clear that the Barker firm's reign of terror had only just begun....


Loulou Emm

For over two decades Caroline has lived in fear of her husband finding out about her earlier life. She has no idea that this should be the least of her worries, until a chance meeting brings everything out into the open. Her marriage disintegrates when it becomes clear that she was not the only one keeping secrets. When the police get involved and make it clear that her past actions might result in a prison sentence if she doesn't admit to her wrongdoings, she confesses to the part she played in a very serious crime, but in doing so she risks repercussions from the other people that were involved....


Loulou Emm

Robert Parker runs a chain of hotels, and he and his wife Katie absolutely dote on their only child Timothy. The three of them live in a large regency style house in Pimlico. Like his father, Timothy is tall, dark and handsome, but that is where the similarity ends. Robert has always worked hard so that his wife and son can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, but Timothy is bone idle and has never done a day's work in his life. He lives off a very generous allowance, and enjoys being spoilt. His parents have accepted the fact that their 21 year old son has not yet shown any interest in learning about the family business, and they tell themselves that he is simply enjoying himself, and will eventually be ready to learn everything he needs to know, to enable him to work alongside his father and step into his shoes when he retires. They are unaware that their wayward son has big plans of his own, and they do not include working in the hospitality industry. His ideas are on a much grander scale. However, if he is able to achieve his aims he will could bring the city of London to the brink of disaster....


Loulou Emm

Felicity has been waiting for the one for years, and when she meets the man she pictured in her dreams, she is sure that they are meant to be together. Subtly he draws her away from her family, and she is so in love that she can't see it. When her friend Jane discovers that she might be in danger she desperately tries to get in contact with her. The next morning when she sees Felicity who appears to be unharmed, her relief is short lived, as both of them end up in a fight for their lives....


Loulou Emm

Detectives Kevin Winters and Gary Sanderson were among the worst the force had to offer. The court found Kevin not guilty in the unlawful shooting of Marcus Walker a high profile gangland figure. The relatives and friends of the deceased are outraged and want a retrial. When it comes to light that Kevin's new girlfriend Chanel is the daughter of Marcus Walker, they are worried about the implications. Filled with panic they gather their friends and travel to North London, but in the darkness they end up mistakenly firing at a stranger. They take off knowing they got it wrong, but unaware that they have just shot the son of another member of the Walker firm. Lloyd Travis knows who they are, and he already despises them for getting away with killing his best friend Marcus. Now that they have started on his family, he is on the warpath, but his wife Trina and daughter Vondra don't offer him the support he expects. They have discovered that he has betrayed them, and now Trina blames him for their son ending up in hospital.He understands that she is angry but by the time he realises the extent of her fury it is already too late....


Loulou Emm

A young woman trying to escape unwanted male attention on a late night train, gladly accepts a generous offer from a kind female passenger. It is her first time in London, and she is glad to be given a lift and somewhere safe to stay for the night. When she arrives at the house where she is to stay she immediately senses that she has made a mistake. Out of politeness and also because she has nowhere else to stay she makes up her mind that she will leave first thing in the morning. That is when she discovers that there is no way out....


Loulou Emm

Georgina has married for the second time, and she has deliberately chosen somebody poles apart from her handsome, brash and confident first husband. Kevin is a bit of a geek and definitely not a looker, and she is looking forward to an untroubled life with no massive highs or lows. When she begins to see an aggressive side to him, she's scared that it might turn to physical violence, and she decides she wants a divorce. Before this can happen he just takes off one night, and hot on his heels are the police. The information they give her makes her realise that she's had a very lucky escape. He soon becomes one of London's most wanted as the police search frantically for him and his accomplice. They need to be stopped as they are showing no signs of letting up on their depraved criminal activities....


Loulou Emm

Finbar Walsh gave up his illicit affair with Catherine Buckley many years before, but instead of putting all of his wrongdoings behind him, and sticking to the vows of the priesthood he begins a shadowy lifestyle on the wrong side of the law. He entered the priesthood to escape this lifestyle and his family who were deeply entrenched in it, but he finds himself dragged back into it by the threat of blackmail. After many years without any contact, he and Catherine meet again at her 50th birthday party, and feel that familiar pull of love. As they rush outside to reunite, they are unaware that enemies of the Walsh firm are waiting outside. It seems as though after all the years they've been apart they are about to have their chance of happiness snatched away again, when they are caught up in gangland warfare....


Loulou Emm

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Latest Poem

A silent being filled with hate

Crossed oceans in a bitter state.

Spied a scourge in Everglades port,

Contrived a plan—the wicked sort.

The only way to find relief?

Destroy the vicious, heartless thief.


Justice was served at dinnertime,

With no one near to see the crime.

The dour man lurched, his fate was sealed,

Disposed at sea—his death concealed.

Though retribution was a need,

It came by way of evil deed.


The absent beast was soon dismissed,

Except by the recidivist.

Questions were asked, no clues were chased,

His bags were gone—his name erased.

The nefarious soul remained consumed,

The ship sailed on, routine resumed.


Revenge the price for freedom bought,

Arrived in time to stir the plot.

Two doors slammed shut, a blade dropped fast,

Shipmates stood by—their mouths aghast.

A headless corpse bled on the floor,

While villains planned to kill once more.


The ship’s crew masked their growing fears,

As mounting deaths slowed moving gears.

From steel-lined lift to ocean deep,

Lives were lost—yet few would weep.

For who could love a blackguard’s heart,

Except a heinous counterpart.


The sullen riders sought to blame,

All trapped inside a villain’s game.

Was there a demon on this craft?

Starboard, port, bow—or on the aft?

The ship of fools sailed aimlessly,

While hooded death steered ‘cross the sea. 

—Kaylin McFarren
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