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Can fathers and husbands get out of their own way? Is it possible to survive the curse of infants, teenagers and relationship-stupidity? To get around the “Shoeman Curse”, Dusty Shoeman, a quiet, hardworking man, closet-writes his way to sanity—until he is discovered. But what happens when your dramatic book about a grieving, single mother gains serious attention? Will your kids think you're an idiot? What will your relentlessly-teasing coworkers say when they find out you've written a sappy, for-women, page-turner? Will your wife support you, or will she die a laughing death? 

Dusty's book is included in The Shoeman Curse. In his novel, Janet, a single mother, loses her son to cancer. To deal with unbearable pain, she resorts to a cutting-edge virtual mind-therapy, designed to help parents who've lost their children. Using a new therapy technique, Janet is transferred to a world where she meets a young boy who reveals a secret. Janet must pass through five doors for the therapy to be successful.

Read Dusty's book to see what the hype is all about…then witness his attempts to break the curse once and for all. Can he do it? Either way, you'll be laughing with Dusty, crying with Janet, and cheering for them both!...


The Right To The Truth


For families and friends of patients with cancer

By: I.C. Papachristos, MD

Foreword by Prof. Peter Goldstraw, past President, IASLC.

Paperback (5½ × 8½ ", 288 pages, ISBN 978-1977834744)
—ebook (Amazon / kindle edition, ISBN 978-618-83380-0-5)

Book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients' rights


Should all patients be informed when they've been diagnosed with cancer? If the answer is “yes,” Who should break the bad news to them? And How is such news best delivered? How much of the truth can a patient handle? 

Patients' inalienable right to know the truth about their condition ought to be guaranteed the world over. Yet this right is routinely violated. In Greece, for example, cancer patients are frequently kept in the dark about their diagnosis. In fact, this right is routinely disregarded all over the globe with appalling consequences. 

In “The Right To The Truth,” the author—a thoracic surgeon—presents Counterexamples inspired by events observed during 33 years of clinical experience, and he addresses each with well-crafted Arguments in favor of the patients' Right to know : 

► for Trust
► for Protection from predators who would exploit vulnerable patients
► for understanding that Sacrifices are sometimes required to achieve cure
► for acquiring well-founded Hope 
► for Overcoming fear of the unknown
“In struggling with misfortune, Lies the true proof of virtue.” - Shakespeare

It is the year 1848, and a cholera outbreak has just ravaged Manchester, leaving Emma Belden an orphan, with two young siblings to care for. Left with few options, she is forced to enter the workhouse and suffer the habitual injustices commonplace to that sad institution. Her beauty and naivety a target for the unscrupulous master of the workhouse and Edward Wells, the owner of the local textile mill, Emma will be compelled to make the difficult decision between the safety of her brother and sister, and her own virtue.

Gideon, Lord de Monthaut, is instantly smitten the moment he sees Emma, despite the fact that she is on the arm of one of the most notorious blackguards in Manchester society.

Will Emma find it possible to rise above her circumstances and find love? And in the process learn the true Proof of Virtue?...


Dr. Maker's book is designed to empower breast cancer patients to go beyond the current one-size-fits-all "standard of care" and make the decisions that are best suited for themselves and their loved ones. Because of her research background, Dr. Maker was able to uncover a great deal of information that is not commonly known to patients. This information helped her tremendously through her bout with breast cancer and remission, and it can help you. This is the story of Dr. Maker's journey and the book she wished she had when she needed it.

            Current treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy are not always successful: 40,000 women die every year in the United States after undergoing treatment, and many more are harmed by serious side effects. In order to make informed decisions, patients need to understand all the treatment options and survival rates, and all the side effects. Readers may not make the same choices as Dr. Maker did, but the information she lays out will enable them to make choices that are best for themselves.



When journalist Katrina Shawver met the eighty-five-year-old Henry Zguda, he possessed an exceptional memory, original documents and photos, and a knack for meeting the right people at the right time. Told in an interview format, Henry relates a life as a champion swimmer and coach, interrupted by three years imprisoned in Auschwitz and Buchenwald as a Catholic Polish political prisoner. This bridge to history is told with a pragmatic gallows humor and is supported by extensive research, original documents, and rare photos. Ultimately, HENRY is the story a resilient young man who survives by his wits, humor, friends, and luck. If you are a discerning adult, looking for an intelligent read, this book is for you.

HENRY: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America, is now available in paperback, hardback and ebook at most online booksellers worldwide



Andi Carter is fighting her own  demons one day at a time, many times losing the battle to a bottle of whiskey. A once promising investigative reporter, her last crime investigation resulted in three days of torture by a madman, and a private loss that was devastating. When a prominent businessman is killed and a young girl reaches out with a horrifying story of twelve victims buried beneath concrete structures, Andi knows she can't turn away from her true calling. She's a reporter, and a darn good one. All she needs is a chance to prove it.

Andi and her apprentice, Shamus O'Conner soon discover a wider conspiracy that puts them both in more danger then they ever imagined, with a question they can't answer—Is their source telling the truth, or is she West Hollywood's next serial killer?



Open the door to the unique world of professional organizer and declutterer Stephen Ilott. A self-professed domestic archaeologist, Stephen loves digging  into others' lives and helping them to look inwards and organize outwards past their clutter. In this candid and often hilarious account of his career, he describes the roadblocks and challenges, the accomplishments and the delights, the lives changed and how he's been changed as he tells stories that resonate with wry humour, passion, and familiarity. Stephen details his unorthodox career from its early beginnings to its mid-point, where he finally carves out a rare niche for himself that leverages his creative energies and ideas to the fullest and finds himself loving every new door he opens — almost. ...


What if, on the day you were to be fired, your boss was murdered?  What if you and your ex-girlfriend were the prime suspects?

A high tech murder and a cryptic text message plunge Jake Hawes and Jiao Liu into a frantic search for the philosopher's stone patent.  Suspected by the police of being part of a bizarre love triangle and facing a powerful unknown enemy, the only thing Jake and Jiao can do is solve the murder themselves.

What they stumble onto is an international conspiracy involving the California state government and its quest to lead the world in renewable energy.  With enemies closing in on all sides, Jake and Jiao force a confrontation no one sees coming.

A thriller from start to finish



The city of London is the star of this collection of fifteen engaging stories from author Tim Walker. Drawing on the vivid history of the city where he has both lived and worked, Postcards from London celebrates the magnificently multifaceted metropolis that is home to 8.8 million people.

Imagine Iron Age fishermen, open-mouthed to see Roman galleys, rowed by slaves, dropping anchor at their village - a place the Romans would turn into the port and fortified town of Londinium. These Romans were the first of many men of vision who would come to shape the city we see today.

London's long and complex history almost defies imagination, but the author has conjured citizens from many familiar eras, and some yet to be imagined. Turn over these picture postcards to explore his city through a collage of human dramas told in a range of genres. See the tumult of these imagined lives spotlighted at moments in London's past, present and, who knows, perhaps its future.



Sparrowfoot is a composition of short stories that I have written over the years. Most are about nature and wildlife through my eyes in different situations. Some are about life's experiences, about people that for one reason or another life can be cruel with devastating consequences. About the unsung body of people that put their lives on the line daily to keep us safe in our little worlds.



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I start this not with thought but with past gestures of intent at times of soft-hearted, fluffy, mind-blowing feelings of love in the years gone by. The ladies of my past will and may always be special to me.

Through the good and trying times over the years and passing of time the grimaces, the anguish, the hurt, the pain, the oh so sweet special touches, and deep-soul loving on a plane (shh) haha, those intertwining passionate moments in time (Wow). So much untold and unforgettable memories of history.

Come into my past world of saved real expressions of feelings to the women I loved, from my heart to theirs and even expressions maybe one or two from the other side…
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