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My book, The Road Less Traveled: A Story of Love, Pain, Hope and Everything In-Between, is a story of marriage, abuse, mental illness and my husband's suicide. Through all of that, God's goodness and faithfulness remained. I speak frankly about what it is to live with someone with a severe mental illness as well as the abuse that came with that situation. I want you to know what love is and what it is not. I want you to know that God is still good and He is always there no matter what someone else chooses to do. 

I want you to know love has already won and you don't have to be silent in the face of suffering. 
A collection of poems based on the authors childhood in British Care Homes...


Gil McGillicuddy is a WWII vet with dementia. Robert, his oldest son, is a blogger on the internet who cares for his dad as Gil takes the long slide into the land of forgetfulness. When Robert's oldest daughter becomes pregnant and the baby's father turns to meth and violent behavior, Robert convinces her and her preteen daughter to move into his home a thousand miles away. 
Robert's radical blogging continues along with his efforts to help his family. His history of radicalism stretches back to his antiwar days at Berkeley in the sixties. In those days, he was responsible for outing an FBI informant in the midst of his antiwar group. This action destroyed the informant's future plans. Now, over 40 years later, the man, Fedder, works as a floor manager for a security firm  contracted out to the NSA to find radical bloggers. 
"Revenge is a dish best served cold, very cold."
Fedder quietly stalks his unwary quarry with the intent of getting his revenge while Robert continues to deal with the problems of his family including the worsening of Gil's dementia.



In Bergoo, West Virginia, legends swirl and the past is never far away. A week away seems the best cure for what ails Dave Winter's marriage. He can go fishing with an old Army buddy, Mark, while his wife can visit her family. Yet the town of Bergoo isn't quite as welcoming as it first appears and it isn't long before things start to go incredibly wrong. A night of Bourbon flavored reminiscing resolves in a morning with Mark gone, strangers in the cabin and the beginning of a violent and deadly adventure. The mystery thickens when he ventures to Mark's brother's house and discovers a scene dripping with blood, body parts, and man-eating hogs. It's a mystery only the man who ‘blew up Sarasota' can solve… if he can survive long enough to figure it out....


Sun filled Sarasota, Florida is up to its lovely hips in murder. Not the run of the mill household variety, these are vicious. Attorney David Winter receives a phone call in the middle of the night from a distraught woman worried about her missing son. He takes the case and he soon finds himself up to his ears in sex-trafficking, kidnapping, and hunted by the Arab Mafia. To top it off a drug that wipes out a portion of memory threatens his gal Linda and soon will eat her mind away driving her insane. He would ask Floyd for help but he isn't sure if the old war hound can be trusted. His only hope rests with Recluse, a killer. Explosions rock the city as David and his small group of investigators run for their lives in this second book of David Winter—Hard Boiled—Detective Mysteries....


Attorney David Winter kicks back on the Florida beach soaking in the sunshine and watching the ladies stroll by. When his old Army buddy, Sean asks him to defend his aunt in a murder case, David doesn't think twice and leaves the sun and sand for Missouri's ice and snow to help his old pal. Seems Aunt Sharon's past time was killing husbands and getting rich off their insurance policies. Not even Sean's generosity—a BMW 528i with chauffeur, 100 grand plus expenses and a luxury apartment--all at David's disposal—can save Aunt Sharon from the needle! 

The more David investigates, the more accomplices keep coming out of the woodwork. When he's shot, drugged and hit over the head, David takes it personally—but that's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg! He faces a startling truth, which nearly destroys him and his faith in all he holds dear. But lady justice isn't blind and unforgiving of those who shake her scales. As an instrument of law, David must once again become the hardened soldier honed on the battlefields of VietNam and stand toe to toe with unscrupulous prosecutors, and a judge wanting a quick trial. Buckle your safety belt…you are in for a wild ride. ...


"The greatness of man is in his decision to be stronger than his destiny," said Alberto Camus, a famous French writer and philosopher, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The stories written in this book speak about the life of a Bosnian woman whom already at the beginning, while she has been in her mother's womb, tried to deny her life but they failed.

It was destined her to be born, to live ...

She was born in a poor working-class family, she did not really have any choice or special expectations of her life. It was expected that she would fit into the environment, in the environment where she grew up, eventually end up as well as her family members, brothers and sisters, or as most of persons of same age from similar families in the neighborhood.

Whether she was and remained stronger than her destiny, you will find out if you read these stories.




“A delightful adventure for young readers!” … Michelle Josette

    While travelling the East Road, a vision of a black leopard appears to 12-year-old Magdalene, her first hint that Luhonono is not what it seems—it has two different planes, one for the living and one for the dead, and the beautiful Baobab at the village Crossroads is the key to separating them. 

    The Baobab contains a mirror gateway, and its magic alone prevents mythical powers from harming the living. The only problem is Moja, an evil witchdoctor, plans to disrupt the mirror and use spirit demons for his own bidding. Magdalene knows this means big trouble if she can't fix it. Joined by her friends Gimbo and Peter, the would-be adventurers discover the leopard vision is only one of many strange and terrifying occurrences, and together they must conquer Moja and be first to unlock the legacy of the ancients. 

    Playing off real historical events, The Legend of the East Road offers insight into Luhonono's local beliefs and animal behaviours. Hill's rich setting and delightfully engaging characters make this an endlessly entertaining read that builds to a heart-pounding conclusion, offering a hint of more adventure to come in the next book of the series—the search for Tendaji—The Legend of the West Road. 




This story is about our daughter, Jennifer, who was an amazing example of how to live fully in spite of the unrelenting savagery of Cystic Fibrosis which eventually claimed her life in December 2015 at the age of 43 one month before her 44th birthday.  

This is our way of telling Jennifer's story of positive thinking, physical resilience, and inner strength.  Hopefully her life's course will inspire others who are dealing with their own challenges and to never give up the fight!


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Latest Poem

A silent being filled with hate

Crossed oceans in a bitter state.

Spied a scourge in Everglades port,

Contrived a plan—the wicked sort.

The only way to find relief?

Destroy the vicious, heartless thief.


Justice was served at dinnertime,

With no one near to see the crime.

The dour man lurched, his fate was sealed,

Disposed at sea—his death concealed.

Though retribution was a need,

It came by way of evil deed.


The absent beast was soon dismissed,

Except by the recidivist.

Questions were asked, no clues were chased,

His bags were gone—his name erased.

The nefarious soul remained consumed,

The ship sailed on, routine resumed.


Revenge the price for freedom bought,

Arrived in time to stir the plot.

Two doors slammed shut, a blade dropped fast,

Shipmates stood by—their mouths aghast.

A headless corpse bled on the floor,

While villains planned to kill once more.


The ship’s crew masked their growing fears,

As mounting deaths slowed moving gears.

From steel-lined lift to ocean deep,

Lives were lost—yet few would weep.

For who could love a blackguard’s heart,

Except a heinous counterpart.


The sullen riders sought to blame,

All trapped inside a villain’s game.

Was there a demon on this craft?

Starboard, port, bow—or on the aft?

The ship of fools sailed aimlessly,

While hooded death steered ‘cross the sea. 

—Kaylin McFarren
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