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Even after winning some state journalism awards, publishing a few books, and spending about a decade at the head of college classrooms, Jason Norman always knew there was something about himself just a touch…off.
Yes, he'd felt out of place almost everywhere he'd been for his near-forty years. But around the time Norman finally received an answer, he'd found far higher priorities than articles and grades.
First came his wife Jennifer, the love of his existence. Then, in May 2017, arrived the dream the pair had never thought would ever become real: their daughter, Kennedy. In comparison, Norman's other issue would become the lightest shade of pale.
He was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a member of the lowest scale of autism. His social awkwardness and habits had made so many (including his wife, on occasion!) think he was nuts, but now Norman had to find some way to set an example for his little lady. 
At times depressing, sometimes downright sad, but chock-full of humor and introspect and always with an enormously moving sense of humility, An Aspie Daddy is the story of a man who found hope in his family and his overdue diagnosis. It takes others inside an Aspie mind to see what's there and how valuable and welcome it can be. 
And it tells the story of a little girl who gave two parents the greatest reasons to be better people themselves. It discusses the joys of fatherhood (and husband-hood) in a way that few authors truly can. And it's a message of hope to members of the autism community to find and use their newfound gifts, and how lucky they truly are. ...


From her carefree early life on a farm in rural South Australia to a marriage that was broken even before it began, then living as a struggling single mother and navigating a string of bad romances this is the story of a woman whose lessons in life and love have been learned the hard way.

Jules Hannaford grew up living an idyllic childhood, full of fun and adventures. She went to boarding school and had the time of her life, excelling at sport, making new friends and getting in trouble due to her risk taking and mischievous nature.

When single motherhood called for her to step up and take charge, she found her passion in her career as a teacher, yet she struggled to find someone to share her life with. One day, the opportunity came for her to move across the world, and she packed her bags, pulled her daughter out of school, and took the risk of leaving her sleepy home city for Asia's mega city of Hong Kong.

From then on, life was different. Suddenly, she was in a job she loved, and she no longer had to struggle to make ends meet, but there was still one thing missing. Love.

Optimistic, Jules began internet dating, and unwittingly invited a new kind of trouble into her life. Was it her trusting nature? Her naïveté? Or was it simply her desperate desire to share her life with someone that made her take the risks that almost cost her life.  



What Matica has dreamed ever since she first befriended the condors is actually happening.
And now the adventures begin.

Finally accepting Matica into their community because of an incredible event, the people of the village love seeing her with Talon and demand she tell them about her adventures with the condors.

Matica is now happy to be small because she can do what she has always dreamed of - fly. She is accepted and loved, and because she is so small, she can have incredible adventures with her beloved Talon she raised. In the meantime, her friendship with Amos continues to grow...
In this book, she has scores of adventures and near disasters with Talon.
5 star review by Reader's Favorite


The 1960s were a time of peace and love in California, but not so in Hot Springs Arkansas where the mob still ruled. In Boxes For Beds, babies are being kidnapped, and the local sheriff has to put this case to bed before the bosses come down from Chicago for a big meeting. They don't need the heat of an open investigation that could interest the Feds, and they have the local sheriff under their control.

 Leslie has left New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, hoping to escape from the secrets of her past and the ruins of a relationship, only to discover that there is little peace for her in Pine Hollow, Arkansas.



In 1960's London, the ties of loyalty and duty are tested when long-buried secrets from World War II are unearthed. A notorious Nazi war criminal is after an attendee from NASA who once worked on Hitler's rocket program. But CIA agent Jack Stein will stop at nothing to protect him. Meanwhile, Stein's loyal friend and intelligence source, Spencer Hall of MI5, is consumed with a personal vendetta.



There's a professional killer gunning for Britain's Prime Minister, and it's up to the head of the British Security Service and a top CIA agent to stop him. MI5 Director Spencer Hall and CIA agent Jack Stein go way back, so when Stein tells Hall there's a plot against the Prime Minister, he knows it's legit—and isn't the least bit surprised to learn the KGB's behind it. The killer may be a current or ex-British agent, meaning Hall and Stein must put together their own close-knit team to crack the case. It's not only Spencer's career on the line. It may be his own life too.




Henry Shanks, beloved and respected Montana pioneer rancher who survived the Civil War, floods, blizzards, outlaws, rustlers and Indian attacks, only to be caught up in the changing times, the start of a World War, telephones, telegraphs, steam trains, automobiles, airplanes, and a new breed of criminals.

Ben Crane, Shanks's youthful neighbor and farmhand finds the Rattle Snake Ranch and its river crossing a deadly obstacle.

Although the old rancher and his young farmhand are separated by 50 years of life and experiences, they are of one mind on the subject of right and wrong.

Join them and see if you are in agreement with their beliefs.



The year is 2235 and Earth is colonising the planets.  Work on the new city at Three-Craters has nearly stopped.  Deep underground, strange accidents and power failures plague the site and the miners believe that the place is cursed.  Kalen Trinneer is sent to investigate but finds that Three-Craters will not give up its secrets easily.  Is the site really cursed? Do the answers lie in the other time zone whose population share the planet?  Kalen's search for answers takes him on a dangerous journey where h finds love and betrayal, a journey that doesn't end until he eventually discover the truth about himself and the society in which he lives....


Arson, forest fire, eco-terrorists, a billionaire, a murdered rogue DEA agent, survivalists, illegal chemical dumping and an illegal prescription drug ring are just another day on the job for CBI Agent Buck Taylor and his team. 

 Called back to duty after the death of his wife, to investigate a suspicious lodge fire, Buck is thrust into a world where billionaires rule, laws don't seem to apply, everyone has something to hide and nothing makes any sense.  With the backdrop of a raging out of control wildfire, Buck must figure out how all these crimes are related and stop them in a violent confrontation that almost costs him his life. 

 Making matters worse is the fact that most of the evidence in all these crimes leads straight back to his brother in law.  Buck definitely has his hands full with this case.



After 40 years away from home, Theodore hoped to reunite with his two buddies. After his war tragedy he developed a suspicious nature and feared the collapse of his world and his love. 
Remembering their youth: Abraham, George, and Theodore find a treasure box. Surprised at what they found inside they imagines it's the Monkey's Paw legend. Each boy makes a wish and swears loyalty for life. 
They lived through the Great Depression, fought in World War Two, and hoped for success after the war. Each struggled to overcome poverty and adversity. 
Abraham finds success through his wife's family, and an awkward relationship develops. 
Several years after the war, Theodore becomes a world renowned artist. 
George's world crumbles when he experiences a series of unfortunate circumstances. 
Each man comes to realize his truth.


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Latest Poem

My great grandfather was a Slave

My grandfather was a Native

My grandmother was a Bantu

My mother was a kaffir, Nigga, Negro

Names imposed by shackles

But an Afrakan I am

An identity my forefathers were deprived of


An identity I am now polluting with the fumes of cigarettes

In dope I am giving it another face

In ecstasy I am giving it a comical image

My drunken stupor gives it an unstable belonging

My borrowed accent contradicts what it represents

My imitated dress code conceals its beauty

My adopted religion undermines my intellectual prowess

My language deafens my ancestors

My values are valueless

My mind is discriminatory

It repels anything indigenous

Whilst absorbing all that is alien

None can identify with me

Even those I am emulating

Patriotism I reserve for my kind

I look down at my patriots

If I were xenophobic

I could have been my own victim

I pride myself in my slanted inferior education

An education promptly deleting my true history

Ignorance is my custom

I am dreaming dreams my forefathers cannot interpret

I am singing praise songs for my dying culture

I am branding a heritage

I cannot inherit

Knowledge of freedom is embedded in my subconscious

But suppressed by fear

Fear to develop my culture and identity

Fear to be rejected by the world

Fear to be different and still love myself

Yet with no identity I remain

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